Q: Is this a conference for writers who have already sold books [or scripts or magazine stories], or people who are just thinking they want to write, or … ?
A: It’s for every writer: beginners, seasoned veterans who want to revitalize or shift genres, and everyone in between.

Q: I’m only interested in writing [your genre here]. Will there be something for me in every time slot?
A: Yes. Some of our workshops are targeted, and others will be useful to writers of many genres. For example, everyone writing prose or scripts can use techniques for drafting quickly; find out how to use short stories to grow their audience; add realism to the historical elements of their stories; get the latest info on finding an agent or publisher; and get input on how to market their finished products. Fiction, non-fiction, scripts and screenplays can all benefit from intrigue and suspense; poets can explore writing lyrics; etc. We’ve set up our sessions so there should be something of interest to every writer, during every time slot.

Q: Am I stuck with workshops from just one genre?
A: Not at all. You get to choose which workshops to attend; mix and match to suit your own interests.

Q: What about the panel discussions? Are those for me?
A: Our panel discussions are on topics we feel should benefit every writer: how to get your books published and into the hands of your readers. Is your focus currently on writing for magazines and newspapers? These discussions may help you decide whether or not it’s worthwhile to collect your short pieces into a book.

Q: Do we sign up for the workshops? What if the one I want is full?
A: Once you’re registered for the conference, there’s no need to sign up for the workshops that are included in the conference. Our classrooms are large, so we’ll be able to accommodate everyone. You may find you’re part of a large group for some workshops, and a smaller group for others. (“Extra” workshops are not included with your conference registration, and you do need to register separately for those.)

Q: What should I bring with me?
A: If you’re a note-taker, you may want to bring a clipboard or binder. We also recommend you bring your refillable water bottle or thermos cup—something that won’t spill easily. Bring business cards if you have them.

Q: Can I sell my books at the conference?
A: We will be setting up book store for the event, and the store will be open to the public throughout the conference. The public will also be welcome to come to the signing event on Saturday afternoon. Terms are by consignment. See this year’s bookstore page for more. (If it’s not there, it’s coming soon!)

Q: I have a book to promote. Can I have a spot?
A: Anyone registered for the conference (and all of our presenters) will be able to sell their books through the bookstore. Polish up your elevator speech in case someone asks what you’ve written, but please remember your fellow conference-goers are here to learn and connect, not to buy. While we do hope you’re able to sell a few books, please don’t think of this conference as a trade show or book fair. (Maybe we’ll host one of those in the near future!)

Q: Can I buy a ticket to bring my [spouse/friend/child] to the evening entertainment?
A: Limited additional seats may be available. If this is important to you, be sure register early and to talk to us about it when you register.

Q: I’m on a restricted diet. Will this be a problem at the buffet?
A: Our buffets offer a variety of tasty, healthy dishes to choose from, including salads and vegetables (and we’ll be able to offer an even greater variety of these in the future). But if your diet is especially limited, please let us know. We will prepare a plate that meets your needs in the kitchen.