Speakers 2017

Our speakers bring a wealth of experience and interesting topics to share. Good news: you don’t have to pick which ones—you get to hear them all!

Caitlin Hicks: Why We Writecaitlin-hicks

My debut novel promised everything I’d ever wanted: industry accolades, 2 Best of 2015 lists, friends’ reviews, respect from strangers, and a handful of US awards for Best Literary and Inspirational Fiction.

But a year later, it wasn’t enough.

The soul-searching journey to answer: Why we write.

Jennifer Manuel: The Psychology of Revisionjennifermanuel

So much has been said about the psychology of creation, but what about the psychology of revision?

How do our perceptions of revision affect our approach to it? How can we balance analysis with artfulness?

Jennifer shares examples from her experience.

Robert Mackwood: Rejected But Not Dejectedrobert mackwood

Robert shares examples of how successful books have overcome apparent failure to go on to securing a spot on a bookstore bestseller wall.

He’ll also provide tips and strategies of how to approach the gatekeepers in the publishing world. What makes an effective pitch? What do successful proposals look like? Does it ever make sense to call editors or agents?

Suzanne Anderson: Ebooks Are Here To Staysuzanne-anderson


E-books can work well for a writer because there are few restrictions on size of the book.

I will cover where to upload your ebook and how to format it, along with the pros and cons of ebooks.