Speakers 2018

Our speakers bring a wealth of experience and interesting topics to share. Good news: you don’t have to pick which ones—you get to hear them all!

Elma Schemenauer: To Plan or Not to Planelma-martens-schemenauer-credit-robert-s-schemenauer2

Tools for planning a piece of writing include lists, outlines, spider diagrams, flow charts, and story maps. Do you plan ahead or just wing it? We’ll consider which approach is better depending on the type of writing and your personality.

Jennifer Manuel: How to Better Engage in Deep Practicejennifermanuel

We know how musicians, athletes, and dancers practice. But can writers take an equally deliberate approach to improving performance? By borrowing five key elements of deep practice from world-class experts in other fields, writers can reach extraordinary levels in their craft.

Michelle Barker: Coming Out as a WriterMichelle Barker

When do you get to call yourself a writer? What magical line must be crossed before you can own your profession?

It’s time to take yourself seriously as a writer and silence that inner critic at last.

robert mackwood

Robert Mackwood: Beware of the Snake-oil Salesmen in Book Publishing – How to Protect Your Book and Your Wallet

Too many people get caught up in hype and claims of charlatans out there and believe the process is easy and there is a guaranteed success for their book. By the time they track Robert down, they have usually spent too much money already and the promises have been grossly inflated. He can sometimes help them recover their projects, but wants to help us avoid these pitfalls altogether.